The default Magento Editor has become less effective, no HTML5 support with weak image upload and management, so i need to upgrade editor!

I'm looking for an Editor providing strong enhancements with a sleek and totally fresh new look, yet still keep full compatibility with Magento

Please advise me

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You should try the Markdown editor module from SchumacherFM, it works great and replaces the default WYSIWYG editor of Magento.


  • Still waiting for the Magento v2 of this editor.
    – Jed
    Feb 1, 2018 at 6:02

Replacing TinyMCE with Redactor is one option. It adds HTML5 support and a new "Drag-n-Drop" image uploader. You can download an extension to do so here: Amazing WYSIWYG Editor

Alternately, you can simply add HTML5 support to TinyMCE by installing MeanBee's extension: Meanbee TinyMCE HTML 5 Compatibility

There are some limitations to Redactor, so we typically use the MeanBee extension.

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