I have a label for my custom payment method in the config.xml file. It looks like this:

        <cashpayment translate="title" module="paygate">
            <title>Cash Payment</title>

Unfortunately, despite 'translate' parameter the output in the front end is still 'Cash Payment'. I've updated translation file, flushed the cache but it didn't help. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated :)?

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This will try to translate using Mage::helper('paygate')->__('Cash Payment').

paygate is the alias of Mage_Paygate, so your translation must be defined either

  1. in Mage_Paygate.csv
  2. in the translate.csv of your theme as "Mage_Paygate::Cash Payment","Your translation here"
  3. in the database, using inline translation
  1. Make sure that your front end is set to the correct locale which you made the translations. System->Configuration. Change Current Configuration Scope to the Correct Front End Store. Under General Tab->Locale Options.
  2. Systems->Cache Management Refresh Magento Cache for all Cache Types, Flush Magento Cache & Flush Cache Storage.

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