I have a client that I had to redo his website after he tried upgrading from to

I installed a fresh version of and then copied bits and pieces over from the database like products, sales, categories and customers. I was unable to bring over any extensions without the site breaking. I got his site back up running just fine, but now he is saying that SOAP XML is missing from web services.

I am used to Magento 1.7 so I don't know much about version

Does Magento have SOAP XML under web services? If so why doesn't it show for me? If not how can I get it?

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Magento does have a SOAP API. The WSDL for the SOAP API v1 can be accessed like this:

The WSDL for the SOAP API v2 can be accessed like this:

Relates system configuration settings can be found under
System > Configuration > Magento Core API

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