I am trying to export the categories and products from magento so that I can import them to another 1.9 installation. I've tried the following

System -> Export ->Dataflow - profiles -> Export All Products -> run profile

This gives an internal server error. I have noticed that sites hosted with this company have these errors all over the place.

Plain export of all category and product tables from first magento database, import to new installation

This resulted in foreign key constraint errors that I couldn't face

Set up Apache virtualbox on vagrant, copied magento installation to run the first option locally

I can't log in to the admin area. This seems a common problem, I have tried all the solutions but its still not working

Set up nginx virtualbox on vagrant, copied magento installation to run the first option locally

I could install the copy of magento and log in without any problems at all but when I run the "Export all products" I run into "504 gateway timeout" and all my efforts to increase execution time made no difference.

What should I try next?

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I would choose the database options. If you export alle database tables starting with catalog and you have no quotes and orders (empty tables sales_flat_quote and sales_flat_order, it should work without foreign key problems. If you have different attributes, you should perhaps export the eav_* tables as well.

By the way, why not re-use the whole database from the old system? that's the cleanest way to upgrade.

  • Thanks for that, @andreasvonstudnitz. I forget now how this was resolved...
    – Shane
    Feb 16, 2015 at 9:11

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