I have an issue with a store we look after. Magento version

Almost immediately after an order is placed using a PayPal echeck, we receive an IPN callback cancelling the order. This in turn cancels the order, and its items. 6 days later we receive notification that the payment is complete and the order is moved to the processing, then complete state.

Unfortunately at this stage we have orders that are set to complete, with cancelled line items. Is this normal Magento/PayPal behaviour or is it a bug in the native PayPal module? Could it possibly be an incorrect setting in the PayPal account itself? It seems strange to me that PayPal would send a cancellation notification back so soon after the order is placed.



This is not a default behavior. The Paypal IPN should advance status forward into the Pending Paypal status. If this status is not available, the results may be unpredictable. I would do the following:

After you've checked all of the above, I would assume a code issue. Disable local modules and follow the standard debugging process.

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    Cheers philwinkle. Having checked the Order Status I saw that it had no State Code set. I have set it to Pending as you suggested and fingers crossed that will sort the issue. If not i'll go through your other suggestions. – aablett Jun 4 '13 at 15:49

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