I'm trying to update the price to a lot of products (more than 10.000). The way I am doing that right now is extremely time-consuming. Which is the best way to loop through all the products and update most of them?



Hi Magento provide an attribute by below code

$ProductObject->getResource()->saveAttribute($product, 'attribute_Code');


// below code use for time format 
$product->getResource()->saveAttribute($product, 'special_from_date');

Using Product Collection:

$productIds = array(1,3,2);
$products = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection()
->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', array('in' => $productIds));

foreach($products as $product)
    // below code use for time format 
    $product->getResource()->saveAttribute($product, 'special_from_date');

  • This is super fast! I've tried Mage::getSingleton('catalog/product_api')->update(); and Mage::getSingleton('catalog/product_action')->updateAttributes(). product_api took 1.7 seconds on avg and product_action took 1.0 seconds on avg. however, $product->getResource()->saveAttribute() took on avg 0.04 Seconds on avg. Thanks! – Joshua Pack Oct 9 '15 at 20:53
  • Is there anything similar to this method that can update attributes at a certain store level? – scrowler Sep 14 '16 at 4:08
  • Thx @Amit Bera -- 1 question remaining ;) is there also a way to save multiple attributes in 1 go? Of would one have to loop around the $product->getResource()->saveAttribute action. THX!! – snh_nl Jun 19 '17 at 12:07
  • @amit bera, pls look into this magento.stackexchange.com/questions/201757/… what should i do ?? – Magento 2 Learner Nov 16 '17 at 10:21
  • @amit: I need how can i bulk change website (update attribute in multi-store) – zus Jan 4 '18 at 6:47

Write an SQL Query.

Second best way (and the one I recommend): \Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Product_Action::updateAttributes

Code example by u_maxx:

$allProductIds = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection()->getAllIds();
$attributeCode = 'some_eav_attribute';
$attributeValue = NULL;
$attrData = array( $attributeCode => $attributeValue );
$storeId = 0;
// no reindex:<
Mage::getSingleton('catalog/resource_product_action')->updateAttributes($allPro‌​ductIds, $attrData, $storeId);
// reindex:
Mage::getModel('catalog/product_action')->updateAttributes($allPro‌​ductIds, $attrData, $storeId);

How would this work with multiselect values? Does it 'add' the value or overwrite other pre-selected values

Multiselects are normally saved as comma seperated integers, like 27,42,4711. Therefore if you change the value to say 1, the other values are lost. But what you can do is something like CONCAT(value, ',1') means adding the new value to the end, seperated by a comma. I think even if you add a value two times, this is no problem, because Magento filters it the next time the item is saved and ignores the second value.

  • This will only update 1k rows at a time, not as quick: github.com/OpenMage/magento-mirror/blob/magento-1.9/app/code/… – B00MER Nov 13 '14 at 15:55
  • When I understand the code correctly it writes every 1000 rows, but it updates all in a row. – Fabian Blechschmidt Nov 13 '14 at 16:44
  • 1
    Thank you @FabianBlechschmidt! Here is my code example (gist): <?php $allProductIds = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection()->getAllIds(); $attributeCode = 'some_eav_attribute'; $attributeValue = NULL; $attrData = array( $attributeCode => $attributeValue ); $storeId = 0; Mage::getSingleton('catalog/resource_product_action')->updateAttributes($allProductIds, $attrData, $storeId); – Max Uroda Apr 14 '16 at 12:15
  • 1
    The problem with this approach is that it doesn't reindex the products, so you may not see changes in the frontend and just see them in the admin panel. To also reindex after update you can change Mage::getSingleton('catalog/resource_product_action') to Mage::getModel('catalog/product_action') with the exact same parameters mentioned above. – shampoo Oct 3 '17 at 18:10
  • 1
    @snh_nl updated the answer. Hope this answers your question – Fabian Blechschmidt Jul 2 '18 at 18:33

10k products, use SQL. EAV just muddies the waters. Per question is Fastest way.

Find attribute_id

SELECT * FROM eav_attribute where entity_type_id = 4 and attribute_code = 'YOUR_ATTRIBUTE_CODE_HERE'

Update with found attribute_id from above query.

UPDATE catalog_product_entity_int SET value = 1 WHERE attribute_id = FOUND_ATTRIBUTE_ID

I suppose you could do a subselect with update but for simplicities sake two SQL queries is easiest to grasp.

NOTE: entity_type_id = 4 is most always the product EAV entries. In case you are needing to mass update category or customer attributes this will differ as well as the table that is updated based on what type of attribute it is your updating. Also if you have multi-store setup be sure and note and condition store_id


Further to Fabian's answer above, you can update multiple fields at a time. The example below has just 2 (in stock, stock status), but you can use as many as you want.

    $product_ids = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')
        ->addAttributeToFilter('status', array('eq' => 2)) //only disabled 

    $attrData = [
        ['attribute_one' => 1],
        ['attribute_two' => 1]

    $storeId = 0;
       ->updateAttributes($product_ids, $attrData, $storeId);
  • So this is if you want to update all products tot he same attribute value - how could you adapt this to update say 3 products, all the same attribute, but with different values for the attribute? thx – snh_nl Jun 17 '17 at 15:26
  • See Amit Bera's answer above: magento.stackexchange.com/a/43924/3433 – Silas Palmer Jun 19 '17 at 1:28

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