I'm working on a store which language wise is set to use en_UK. Here - app/locale/en_GB/template/email/sales I added email templates. For some reason the order confirmation email template is being picked up for guests - order_new_guest.html but the order_new.html (for people that are logged in) is not.

To my knowledge en_US is the default folder so for testing purposes copied my changes to the order_new.html in here but it is still rendering a default file. Where else might default templates be stored? I can either copy my changes in here as a quick fix or even better if someone can think of a reason why it is not picking up this template I can try something else.


Magento overwrites these templates. You can overwrite them in the backend under

System > Configuration > Transactions mails

But I can't tell you how to see, whether this is already the case.


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