There are a number of extensions available for creating Google Shopping data feeds, e.g. this one from the Magento Core Team, and this one from Wyomind. What solution do you use for Google Shopping data feeds?

I'm particularly interested to hear experiences with complex products such as configurables and bundles.


I use the one from Wyomind on multiple sites, and it never fails. It has a great number of options for different product types, and is highly customisable. I use it for simple, configurable, grouped, and bundle products. Support is second to none too.

I've tried plenty of other extensions in the past, and none of them have come anywhere close.


We're using Wyomind's Simple Google Shopping extension and most of our products are configurable products.

  • When you use configurable products, you have to keep a couple things in mind: simple products that are associated to configurable products aren't individually visible, Wyomind's extension uses the parent product url for those simple products.
  • you have to filter out the configurable products itself (since you only want each option to show up in the feed)
  • hi Erfan, Will you please give one example how each option we can bind in configurable product. it would be better if you will add some configuration tag here from Wyomind's Simple Google Shopping extension.. – liyakat Mar 14 '14 at 11:01

We use Advanced Product Feeds by Mirasvit. They provide great feature for filter products (by type, price, category etc), plus we can export simple products with link to parent configurable product with parent image.

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