On my Magento install Im using Portuguese language, all strings are translated OK, except on search page results the page title shows english text

Search Results for...

On app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalogsearch/result.phtml I have:

<h1><?php echo ($this->getHeaderText() || $this->getHeaderText() === false) ? $this->getHeaderText() : $this->__("Search results for '%s'", $this->helper

('catalogsearch')->getEscapedQueryText()) ?>

I know that that's the one line that produces the page title since if I add a character to the section

$this->__("Search results for '%s'"

The website shows that change...

On Mage_Catalogsearch.csv I have:

"Search results for '%s'","Resultados da pesquisa por: '%s'"

But still, translation not working for this specific string.

Any idea why??


The most likely culprit is that your cache needs to be cleared.

Next most likely is the fact that these csv files are very particular about characters. If you're copy-pasting the wrong char into it, it won't work. Try copying a pre-existing line from an existing translation csv and edit the content inside of the quotation marks.

Sidenote: typically this file is called Mage_CatalogSearch.csv - I did however attempt adding this string to an en_US locale translation and change the filename to Mage_Catalogsearch.csv and it seemed to work fine.

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  • Changing the name of file to Mage_CatalogSearch.csv and cleaning cache worked! Thank you very much – Miguel Silva Nov 12 '14 at 3:56

insert this two lines: "Search results for '%s'","Resultados da procura para '%s'" "Search results for: '%s'","Resultados da procura para: '%s'"

in Mage_Core.csv and done.

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