I want to restore the "Use Default Value" option for the Tax Class field for all products where the price has store-view scope.

I am testing with the code in the first part of this question, however using setData($attr, false) doesn't work (nothing happens when I run the code). However, if I change false to eg 5 this works and the tax class is updated. I want to restore the "Use default value" option instead of updating the tax class itself.

Here is the code I am currently using:

$attrArray=array('tax_class_id'); // define array of attributes to set to 'use default value'
$products = array(3253); // ID 3253 = SKU 38356
$stores = array(6);

require_once "../app/Mage.php";

foreach ($stores as $store_id) {
    foreach ($products as $product_id) {
        foreach ($attrArray as $attr) {
            echo "Restoring '$attr' for product ID#$product_id in store #$store_id...<br />";
            $product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')
            ->setData($attr, false)

I have tried using null in place of false as well.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this to work properly?

I don't want to manipulate the database directly via MySQL for safety reasons.


You need to set the value to null with:

->setData($attr, null)

to remove the value on store level and use the default value.

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    Unfortunately changing it to null doesn't work - same as using false, nothing changes. – Chris Nov 10 '14 at 19:02

You have to remove lines from DB, as suggested here.

Basically when you save an attribute value for a website or a store view in a product, Magento adds a line to EAV tables that overrides the default value. So the only way to restore "Use default", is to remove that additional line from DB.

It is a safe procedure, if you know what you are doing. Don't forget to perform a reindex after that.

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