I have been browsing here around for a long time and got the most answers from stack overflow and stack exchange.

Now here is a more complicated one: I have virtual products, which are for different regions.

  • Voucher US
  • Voucher EU
  • Voucher Asia

I want to get them all into one product. But each one of them has 3 more options:

Parent Product (Voucher)

The Costumer would select the Product, then Region, Option1 is based on the region, if Region is US, then Option1 has 5 Options. if Region is EU, then Option1 has 12 Options. Option2 is same for all regions and Option3 is the Voucher Amount.

I could solve this with 3 different products, each region has its own product. However, I was trying to make the order process more simple. Other websites in the same business, have up to 10 steps until the payment page. We would lower this to 3.

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Since configurable products with custom options don't work out of the box, a solution without custom code is:

  1. make region and option attributes that are set to be used for configurable products
  2. create a simple product for each option/region combination
  3. create one configurable product with region and option as configurable attributes

To resolve this question, it does not work. I have created:

  • voucher Attribute Set
  • the Attributes US/EU/Asia
  • configurable Product with the voucher Attribute Set
  • 3 Different virtual Products with the voucher Attribute Set
  • added those virtual Products to the configurable Product

Until here everything works as intended. I choose the Configurable product and have the EU/US/Asia option.

After I go back and add costume options to those virtual products, the configurable product is out of stock. Tried many things to resolve it, it just does not work.

I will have to solve this with CMS pages. Sadly.

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