I have Magento website using multiple domains and I need an SSL for each of them has anyone already done this, their advice would be much appreciated.

  1. I need to know if a Multi-Domain SSL be best or should I use SIN and purchase a regular SSL for each of them? and can this be done using the same IP

  2. Also does anyone know if I need a Multi-Domain SSL or Multi-Domain OrganizationSSL to be PC/DSS compliant?

My set-up is:

  • Centos 11.44
  • Cpanel/WHM 6.6
  • Apache
  • Magento 1.9.2 CE

This question was some help: What is the best way to setup SSL certificates on a Multi Store installation?

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  1. MultiDomain (SAN) SSL will work in all browsers on a single IP. Separate SSL certificates will require either SNI (unsupported in old browsers) or one IP-address per every SSL certificate. So, MultiDomain (SAN) SSL would be the best preferred solution assuming cost of IP-addresses renewal.

  2. PCI DSS compliance is a result of implementation, it can be implemented with any valid SSL certificates.


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