I have been developing on the Magento platform for quite some time but have now come to the part of actually getting everything setup to go live!

I am very confused about how to setup custom shipping methods in Magento since we will be using three different carriers - Royal Mail, DPD/Interlink and FastWay(Ireland). Also, I am not at all sure where and how to add tracking numbers to the invoices for customers..?

I would like to setup the shipping methods based on parcel weight & destination but for products that ship to Ireland I need to send them using FastWay only. In addition, if orders are placed before 2pm they will be shipped the same day but I am not sure how to setup any of these rules and I have found myself looking and dozens and dozens of extensions but none seem to offer a solution. I'm going round and round in circles!

I have already implemented an ERP solution to handle order processing in the backend but how do I setup any custom shipping methods for the frontend?

I am also using MetaPack to print shipping lables.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has struggled with any of the above to please lend me some friendly advice on how to get past this issue...

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I've realised it really is quite simple to do! I've used Table rates and added the custom variables to the CSV file then uploaded it. Delivery cost is calculated by weight v destination and all is fine. Next, I will create a custom module Called Fastway as my shipping method and hopefully that is done.

Lastly I need to add the tracking numbers!

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I can help you with the tracking number part, you've solved the rest yourself. Once the order is placed it will be accessible in Sales->Orders. When it is ready for despatch the client would hit the Ship button (Deliver if you've used the Uk language pack).

There is then a section with an Add Tracking Number button that, when pressed allows you to add a tracking number and description;

enter image description here

Depending on how you've done your transactional emails, this would normally be added to the shipping/delivery email sent to the customer so they can track it and they don't annoy you with phone calls about where their purchase is.

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