Version: Magento ver.

I'm new to Magento and following a book to optimize SEO settings. During creating a Sitemap generation for Google, it is generating a url:


My question is how I can remove the /magento so it will look like:


I've searched google and forum with the terms I could think of like remove /magento from sitemap url

but had no luck.. if this is a duplicate please let me know.

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    What is your base URL? Are you using store code in URL's? – Jonathan Hussey Nov 5 '14 at 8:37

You can create site map in magento from admin panel.

Go to Catalog > Google Sitemap.

Then click on Add sitemap button at top right hand side, then new window appears with fields File name and Path add sitemap.xml in file name and / in path this will results you http://mystore.com/sitemap.xml if your base URL is http://mystore.com/

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  • I've created a Sitemap already. Hence the question, asking about a URL generated after sitemap creation. I get it from your answer that the base URL for my Store must be mystore.com/magento. I'll check on it. – Rok Nov 6 '14 at 14:58

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