I added custom tab in product page and then showed necessary information in custom file with name: customtabinfo.phtml, now i need display attrubutes, but when i try get attribute: <?php echo $_product->getAttributeText('custom_attribute'); ?> - i see error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttributeText() on a non-object.

How i can display my attribute? Thanks


or can try:


$product_id = Mage::registry('current_product')->getId();
$attribute = $_product->getResource()->getAttribute('latitude');
if ($attribute)
    echo $attribute_value = $attribute ->getFrontend()->getValue($_product);

it's also working =)

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Try with this:

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Normally in your custom block for your phtml you should do

public function getProduct(){
       $this->product = Mage::registry('current_order');
    return $this->product;

Then in your phtml

echo $this->getProduct()->getAttributeText('custom_attribute')
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