We want to contact our registered customers in the newsletter confirmation mail with their names. Every template we tried to configure the names weren't shown in the mails. Anybody out there who's able to tell why the first- and lastnames in the newsletter mails aren't shown?


We tried using the following variables from the documentation that doesn't work:

{{htmlescape var=$customer.name}}

{{var customer.name}}

{{var customer.firstname}} {{var customer.lastname}}

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Dennis,Magento do not save customer firstname and last name in newsletter model so ,you can not get customer name in email template

You need customization for this



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For display register customer first name add the {{var customer.firstname}} variable in your email template as you want display. It is working for me only for register customers not for guest user.


you can try this to get name of customer in Newsletter

{{trans "Hello %customer_name," customer_name=$customer.name}}

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