Every time when I save a product with changes or without changes following index required reindex:

Product Attributes
Product Prices
Stock Status 

All Index mode is set to " Update on Save ". I have checked the exception and system log, there is no error related to this.

Can you help me to guide how can I debug this issue ?


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I've had this with my own webshop when building it.

For me the problem was caching.

So if you have a live host:
Login and clear the host's cache.

Clear the Magento cache on the back-end.

And clear the var/cache folder on your FTP.

Maybe it solves your problem, else I don't know.
Good luck!


I'm researching the same issue. It's a know and common problem with partial indexing: see Magento Enterprise: catalog_product_attribute not reindexed on product save

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