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we are desperately looking for a shopping cart sales rule and a extension that allows us to do the following:

We want to offer a shopping card coupon code (-15%) which can only be applied to regularly priced (full price) articles. This means that old items which are reduced by a catalog price rule (-30%) are excluded and cannot be reduced any further.

At the moment, our settings only allow

  • either to apply the shopping cart discount to all articles (including the items that are already reduced by the catalog price rule)
  • or if I set the condition "special price =0 " it doesn't work at all since we're reducing with catalog rules and not with individual special prices.

Can anyone recommend a solution or Extension to work with?

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As I understand it you have to:

Set the -30% rule priority 0 and with option "stop further rule processing"


Set the -15% rule priority 1

If you use 1.9.0.x be aware of a bug in that function I addressed here: shopping cart rules using stop further rule processing


Similar question & answer over here: Disable catalog price rule on coupon code

I wanted to do the same thing as you.

But as far as I can tell, there's no way for a shopping cart rule to determine whether or not an item has a price being updated by a catalog price rule. (I'm hoping I'm wrong on this.)

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