My real question has been asked before with no answers: Magento dataflow profile - import products error - Please set available and/or protected paths list(s) before validation.

Basically, I'm trying to export order data so I can import it into another install. Upon running the dataflow profile I get "Please set available and/or protected paths list(s) before validation." in the new popup window. As I couldn't find any documentation or answers that solve that problem, I'll move to my next question.

I am unable to export with Dataflow. What other options do I have for migrating orders from one install to another?

NOTE: My previous version is CE 1.7 and my new version is I have been able to apply my file base to the old install and that is where I can not export without the paths error.

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I suppose an alternative way of exporting data in magento is exporting the raw database in SQL from phpMyAdmin

enter image description here

  • I'd go one further. I would transplant the WHOLE database. Then remove all products/SKU's since if you want orders, you should probably move customers too Oct 14, 2015 at 8:57

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