When I first installed Magento and activated Paypal Express Checkout, I saw the new style logo as shown on this page:


But for reasons I can't explain my store now shows the old style logo, which in my opinion looks less modern.

The logo shown is this one: https://fpdbs.paypal.com/dynamicimageweb?cmd=_dynamic-image&buttontype=ecshortcut&locale=en_GB&ordertotal=29.95&pal=MOO

Anyone know why this could be? I don't remember changing anything in the backend that would affect this?


The logo come directly from PayPal. You can change it from app/design/frontend/{interface}/{theme}/template/paypal/express/shortcut.phtml look for:

<img src="<?php echo $this->getImageUrl()?>" alt="<?php echo Mage::helper('paypal')->__('Checkout with PayPal');?>" />

and replace the src.

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