Each Product has a different position in each category. The position only accept numeric and will change it to alphanumeric. So I set the position from catalog_category_product and _index in the database to "varchar".

But it still wont work. So I think, that there is another validation in the php Code. I found the Code in:

Line 320:


But i cant find the declaration of the Method "setPostedProducts" anywhere. I searched all files. And where is the MySQL "Update product..." Statement, so that I can check the value before it will be send to the DB? Can someone tell me where can find it? Or I can solve this problem?

The Second thing is, how can i display the Position to the Frontend (.phtml) I Want to show it in Product Listing and View. Thanks



Ok I got it.

In Mage/Catalog/Model/Resource/Category.php Line 342 and 357
Change (int) to (string)


Delete Line 137:

To show it in frontend:


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