I created a new package/theme/skin from scratch in Magento 1.9.1.

The theme and skin load fine. I tried adding translations and cannot get them to load. All cache settings are disabled.

I've added the CSV file here:



"testing123","Translation Worked"


<?= $this->__('testing123') ?>

I added {my_theme}, which for me is named "responsive" to the admin at the :

Theme setup

The result is the header displaying 'testing123' instead of the translated 'Translation Worked'. What have I missed? How do I troubleshoot this?


translate.csv should be inside the language you want to translate not in the default language.

Please refer this link: How to add translations for new words in Magento?

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My problem was that I hadn't yet set my custom theme as the default in the admin under System->Design->Add Design Change.

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