I'm using MAGMI to import products to my Magento store. There's an option for product positioning inside categories. But I'm not using it right or it's not working.

On this page: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/magmi/index.php?title=On_the_fly_category_creator/importer

It is saying this:

 Item positioning

From magmi 0.7.18 , category_ids column has been enhanced with item positioning. This feature is also supported in category importer from version 0.2+ (since category importer plugin is roughly a category_ids generator)


admin,00001,.....,cat name with \/ in the name and positioning::3 <= here we "escaped" the tree separator with a backslash , the category will be created as "catname with / in the name and positioning"
                                                                     sku 00001 will be set with position 3 in the category

So how exactly should I use product positioning?


In order to make this to work I changed some MAGMI core files. And right now I use Category::position for positioning.

And for Custom Options

Initially it was something like:

To provide additional options for new categories, the following syntax can be used:

category name::[is_active]::[is_anchor]::[include_in_menu]


is_active: 0 or 1 - category is_active flag (defaults to 1 if not set)
is_anchor: 0 or 1 - category is_anchor flag (defaults to 1 if not set)
include_in_menu: 0 or 1 - category include_in_menu flag (defaults to 1 if not set) 

Now it's:

category name:[is_active]:[is_anchor]:[include_in_menu]

So first there were some conflicts. Now there aren't anymore.

In magmi/plugins/extra/itemprocessors/categories/categoryimport.php I replaced:





(at line 220)





(line 182)





(lines 186-188)

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