Since a recent move of server from staging to a live environment several images do not seem to work. i tried deleting entire image cache and such but no result.

See this product for example. just 1 image not working, while in the back-end it is visible. reuploading solves it, but i cannot ask to reupload 30% of all images.


Please go through this link. Possible reason and solutions are mentioned here!

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The reason was that 80% of the images where bigger than 10MB each. (8000px width) here fore the pages gave me a 500 internal server error becuase GD library needed way to much memory. Via a ini_set or htacces i upgraded to 128M which was still to much. There where 2 solutions

  • 1 Making the source images smaller so the GD library does not fail on generating the thumbnails
  • 2 temporary make the memory_size limit 512M so it generates all smaller previews.
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Clearly you have made a mistake during the migration., if it worked originally and doesn't now.

Repeat the migration, use rsync to clone the document root to ensure its an identical replica.

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