I followed below steps to show captcha in login and registration form. But I can't see it.

  1. Login to backend
  2. Go to system > configuration > customers > customer configuration > CAPTCHA and select your website scope
  3. Enable CAPTCHA on frontend - Yes
  4. Select all forms into "Form" box
  5. In "Displaying Mode" box select "After number of attempts to login"
  6. Number of Unsuccessful Attempts to Login = 0
  7. Save Config
  8. Go to frontend and press "Log in" link

Is there any thing else left to enable captcha in login or registration form...


Sadly the RWD theme has been implemented without captcha. So you can customize theme. Follow these steps:

  1. Go Base theme/layout folder and copy the captcha.xml file code in your theme directory/layout/captcha.xml file in layout folder.
  2. Go Base theme/template and copy the captcha directory and paste in your theme/template folder.

Thus, your captcha code will be visible.

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    Did as u said but still it is not showing up – Wasiq Shahrukh Jan 24 '17 at 13:18

I followed this tutorial to enable Captcha for my Magento store: http://magentoexplorer.com/how-to-enable-captcha-in-magento

To enable Captcha for front end

Magento has built-in captcha for Frontend, you can enable it by navigating to System > Configuration > Customers > Customer Cunfiguration, Next, Select Yes for field Enable CAPTCHA on Frontend. There are a number of options here for frontend CAPTCHA. enter image description here

Enable CAPTCHA for Backend

To enable CAPTCHA for backend, you can navigate to System -> Configuration -> Advanced section -> Admin -> CAPTCHA

Enable CAPTCHA for contact page Use this free module Download the module


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