Hi I have created a module with a custom transactional email, which works fine when I place the default template file in


but I need to place it into my template


but on this path it isn't found, I even tried other places like


but neither works. Isn't there any fallback mechanism for these file? If yes, can anyone explain it to me?


There is no fallback mechanism for the e-mail templates.
I mean there is one, but not the way you want it.
The e-mail templates are searched in app/locale/{lang_ISO}/template/email/.
If the template is not found then it searches in the app/locale/en_US/template/email/.
That's the whole fallback mechanism.

But if you need some templates that depend on the theme, then you can do it like the sales e-mails do it.
Include this in the e-mail template located in app/locale/de_DE/template/email/sales/mymail.html.

{{layout handle="my_email_layout_handle"}}

You can even pass some variables to it like this

{{layout handle="my_email_layout_handle" var1=$var1 var2=$var2}} 

where $var1 and $var2 are variables you pass to the email template itself.

Now in one of your layout files create the layout handle you used above.

    <block type="core/template" template="my_email/template.phtml" />

Then create the template file my_email/template.phtml in your theme (or themes) where you can fill in your content.

Read this for more details


I hope you forgive me the self-promotion, but I accidently bumped into this question and would like to add that our free open source extension Yireo EmailOverride allows you to add email templates to the theme, including fallback support: https://github.com/yireo/Yireo_EmailOverride

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