I know that I can use order->getPayment()->getLastTransId() to get the related transaction id from the most recently processed transaction, but it's not as specific as I'd like.

Is there a method to get the specific transaction id associated with an invoice?

Example: Place Order -> Original Authoriztaion ID xxx1 Partial Invoice A -> Delayed Capture Transaction ID xxx2 Partial Invoice B -> Delayed Capture Transaction ID xxx3 Final Invoice C -> Delayed Capture Transaction ID xxx4

How would I get the transaction ID that is specifically related to Invoice A?


Not sure if I understand your question but try

if ($order->hasInvoices()) {
      $oInvoiceCollection = $order->getInvoiceCollection();
      foreach ($oInvoiceCollection as $oInvoice) {
          $transaction_id  = $oInvoice->getTransactionId();
          // ...

if you know the invoice id

$oInvoice = Mage::getModel("sales/order_invoice")->load($id);
$transaction_id  = $oInvoice->getTransactionId();

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