In the Dashboard: System > Configuration > Sales > Sales...

I have "Hide Customer IP: No"

and this means the customers IP is shown on orders and invoices, etc...

This works on almost every order, but a couple orders just don't show an IP at all. This is very rare, and maybe 1 out of every 100 orders don't show an IP.

Well, what would cause this? I was asked why this is, but I just didn't have an answer, and now I'm curious.

Thanks all.

  • If you look up the order in BE, can you see the customer IP there? Was it saved correctly? – fmrng May 23 '13 at 13:17
  • Hey, what does BE stand for? – stephen wise May 23 '13 at 16:58
  • Backend, sorry! – fmrng May 23 '13 at 18:41
  • Maybe the order was created manually? – Fabian Blechschmidt May 24 '13 at 8:25
  • If an order is place by an Admin user, then the ip address field will be blank – Renon Stewart May 24 '13 at 13:06

Most probably the order was made from the back-end.
The ip address on the order comes from the quote.
in app/code/core/Mage/Sales/etc/config.xml there is this:


The IP address on the quote is set in Mage_Checkout_Model_Session::getQuote()

if ($remoteAddr = Mage::helper('core/http')->getRemoteAddr()) {
    $xForwardIp = Mage::app()->getRequest()->getServer('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR');

When creating an order from the backend Mage_Checkout_Model_Session is not used. Instead Mage_Adminhtml_Model_Session_Quote is used and there is no trace of remoteIp or remoteAddr inside it.


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