I have a magento store that is pre made by some one. In that in admin panel system configuration in curreny setup base currency, I have found only one currency "Australian dollar".How can i enable or install other currencies By default in magento store it displays all currencies..

Thank You

  • You can also check the allowed currencies and if they have a conversion rate configured.
    – luemic
    Apr 18, 2015 at 19:53

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What I think has happened here is that the list of installed currencies has been edited. You can see this list under Advanced->System->Currency->Installed Currencies. What you can do here is define which currencies are installed on your system, if there is only one item set here then there will only be one allowed currency in the rest of your shop.

If you simply want to have the default currencies then you can delete the entries in the table core_config_data where the path is like system/currency/installed

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