I have uploaded product through csv and upload images through FTP and allocate the path folder path into csv for images. but images not shown or allocated for product.

How could i upload bulk product images ?


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The following CSV format for importing images in Magento 1.9 and above doesn't work

sku, image, image_label, small_image, small_image_label, thumbnail, thumbnail_label

You must have to specify the _media_attribute_id and _media_image attribute. Without using these two attributes, you cannot import images properly. So the right CSV format for images import is as follow:

sku, image, image_label, small_image, small_image_label, thumbnail, thumbnail_label,_media_image,_media_attribute_id,_media_is_disabled,_media_position,_media_lable

Click here to see the right csv file for Images import

Note: Make sure the images are placed in the magento_root/media/import/ folder. Otherwise Magento could not Import the images.

For more information, visit this link

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