I want to show some specific product on product listing page :

like product_collection.phtml

there is a code that grab the collection


It show all products in particular category but I want to show few product by there ids may be array of product ids like


how can I do that add filter or any other way ?..

i tried below code but it is not working . code of product_collection.phtml:

/* added code for filter start */
        $productIds = array(1,3,2);
        $_productCollection=$this->getLoadedProductCollection()->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', array('in' => $productIds));

/* added code for filter ends */
/*order code

        $_helper = $this->helper('catalog/output');

    <?php $_collectionSize = $_productCollection->count() ?>
    <?php $_columnCount = !empty($cols)?$cols:$this->getColumnCount(); ?>  
    <div class="category-products">
        <?php echo $this->getToolbarHtml(); ?>

        <div class="products-block" id="products-grid">
        <?php $i=0; foreach ($_productCollection as $_product): ?>
            <?php if ($i++%$_columnCount==0): ?>
            <div class="row products-grid">
            <?php endif ?>

                    <?php echo $_product->getName().'<br>';?>

                <?php if ($i%$_columnCount==0 || $i==$_collectionSize): ?>
                <?php endif ?>
                <?php endforeach ?>
                <script type="text/javascript">decorateGeneric($$('div.products-row'), ['odd','even','first','last'])</script>
        <div class="toolbar-bottom">
            <?php echo $this->getToolbarHtml() ?>

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Instead of using getLoadedProductCollection() method, you can create your own custom collection. It should somewhat looks like this.

//use product ids that you need to show in this array
$productIds = array(11, 12, 1, 4);

//loads collection based on Ids
$collection = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection()
    ->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', array('in' => $productIds));

//loop through custom collection in order to grab data
foreach ($collection as $item) {
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Hello Try the Below code.

$productIds = array(1,3,2);
    $products = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection()
                ->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', array('in' => $productIds));

Or Try One of them.

$products =$this->getLoadedProductCollection();
$products ->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', array('in' => $productIds));


    foreach($products as $product)
        echo $product->getEntityId();
        echo $product->getSku();

In collection you have to add filter using addAttributeToFilter and pass the $productIds array.

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    – Keyul Shah
    Oct 13, 2014 at 5:58
  • what is actual error so we can help
    – Keyul Shah
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  • i wrote below code $productIds = array(1,3,2); $_productCollection=$this->getLoadedProductCollection()->addAttributeToFilter('entity_id', array('in' => $productIds)); $_helper = $this->helper('catalog/output'); it shows all products not filtered result
    – mcoder
    Oct 13, 2014 at 6:02
  • does product id same as entity id?
    – Keyul Shah
    Oct 13, 2014 at 6:08
  • yeah , in need to filter via product ids, see my updated quesion
    – mcoder
    Oct 13, 2014 at 6:20

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