Can anyone help me with the script and explanation to generate multiple coupon codes programatically since this feature is not present in Magento CE ver 1.5x. Thanks.


$mageFilename = 'app/Mage.php';

require_once $mageFilename;



ini_set('display_errors', 1);

Mage::register('isSecureArea', 1);
function generateUniqueId($length = null){
$rndId = crypt(uniqid(rand(),1)); 
$rndId = strip_tags(stripslashes($rndId)); 
$rndId = str_replace(array(".", "$"),"",$rndId); 
$rndId = strrev(str_replace("/","",$rndId));
if (!is_null($rndId)){
return strtoupper(substr($rndId, 0, $length));
return strtoupper($rndId);
function getAllCustomerGroups(){
//get all customer groups
$customerGroups = Mage::getModel('customer/group')->getCollection();
$groups = array();
foreach ($customerGroups as $group){
$groups[] = $group->getId();
return $groups;
function getAllWbsites(){
//get all wabsites
$websites = Mage::getModel('core/website')->getCollection();
$websiteIds = array();
foreach ($websites as $website){
$websiteIds[] = $website->getId();
return $websiteIds;

//read comments for each line
function generateRule(){
$uniqueId = 'Prefix10'.generateUniqueId(5);
$rule = Mage::getModel('salesrule/rule');
$rule->setName('Test rule');
$rule->setDescription('10% off site wide');
$rule->setFromDate(date('2014-10-01'));// From : 1 Oct 2014
$rule->setToDate('2015-08-31');// To : 31 Aug 2015
$rule->setUsesPerCoupon();//number of allowed uses for this coupon
$rule->setUsesPerCustomer(1);//number of allowed uses for this coupon for each customer
$myarray = array("0", "1");
$rule->setCustomerGroupIds($myarray);//if you want only certain groups replace getAllCustomerGroups() with an array of desired ids 
$rule->setStopRulesProcessing(1);//set to 1 if you want all other rules after this to not be processed
$rule->setIsRss(1);//set to 1 if you want this rule to be public in rss
$rule->setIsAdvanced(1);//have no idea what it means :)
$rule->setSortOrder(0);// order in which the rules will be applied

//all available discount types
//by_percent - Percent of product price discount
//by_fixed - Fixed amount discount
//cart_fixed - Fixed amount discount for whole cart
//buy_x_get_y - Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y)

$rule->setDiscountAmount('10');//the discount amount/percent. if SimpleAction is by_percent this value must be <= 100
$rule->setDiscountQty(1);//Maximum Qty Discount is Applied to
$rule->setDiscountStep(0);//used for buy_x_get_y; This is X
$rule->setSimpleFreeShipping(0);//set to 1 for Free shipping
$rule->setApplyToShipping(0);//set to 0 if you don't want the rule to be applied to shipping
$rule->setWebsiteIds(getAllWbsites());//if you want only certain websites replace getAllWbsites() with an array of desired ids

$conditions = array();
$conditions[1] = array(
'type' => 'salesrule/rule_condition_combine',
'aggregator' => 'all',
'value' => "1", //[UPDATE] added quotes on the value. Thanks Aziz Rattani [/UPDATE]
'new_child' => ''
//the conditions above are for 'if all of these conditions are true'
//for if any one of the conditions is true set 'aggregator' to 'any'
//for if all of the conditions are false set 'value' to 0.
//for if any one of the conditions is false set 'aggregator' to 'any' and 'value' to 0
/*$conditions['1--1'] = Array
'type' => 'salesrule/rule_condition_address',
'attribute' => 'base_subtotal',
'operator' => '>=',
'value' => 200
//the constraints above are for 'Subtotal is equal or grater than 200'
//for 'equal or less than' set 'operator' to '<='... You get the idea other operators for numbers: '==', '!=', '>', '<'
//for 'is one of' set operator to '()';
//for 'is not one of' set operator to '!()';
//in this example the constraint is on the subtotal
//for other attributes you can change the value for 'attribute' to: 'total_qty', 'weight', 'payment_method', 'shipping_method', 'postcode', 'region', 'region_id', 'country_id'

//to add an other constraint on product attributes (not cart attributes like above) uncomment and change the following:
$conditions['1--2'] = array
'type' => 'salesrule/rule_condition_product_found',//-> means 'if all of the following are true' - same rules as above for 'aggregator' and 'value'
//other values for type: 'salesrule/rule_condition_product_subselect' 'salesrule/rule_condition_combine'
'value' => 1,
'aggregator' => 'all',
'new_child' => '', 

$conditions['1--2--1'] = array
'type' => 'salesrule/rule_condition_product',
'attribute' => 'sku',
'operator' => '==',
'value' => '12',
//$conditions['1--2--1'] means sku equals 12. For other constraints change 'attribute', 'operator'(see list above), 'value'


/*$labels = array(1,3);
$labels[1] = "This is label for desktop site";//default store label
$labels[3] = "This is label for mobile site";*/ 

//add one line for each store view you have. The key is the store view ID

//[UPDATE]if you work with Mangento EE and you want to link banners to your rule uncomment the line of code below
//Mage::getResourceModel('enterprise_banner/banner')->bindBannersToSalesRule($rule->getId(), array(1,2));//the array(1,2, ...) is the array with all the banners you want to link to the rule.

for ($i=1;$i<=2;$i++){//replace 200 with the number of coupons you want


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