During article import of a custom import profile (Dataflow - Profiles) I get this error for all rows:

Skipping import row, required field "sku" is not defined.

I have mapped "sku" => "artnr" (Field Mapping) but it looks like he does not use this, even I have Original Magento attribute names in first row set to No.

If I rename the column in my csv file and set Original Magento attribute ... to Yes it works. (He complains about empty type instead)

Same problem with normal Import: "Can not find required columns: sku". I changed column name from artnr to sku and stored the file as utf8.

Columns look like this at the moment:

"";"";"Default";"";"";"";"0";"Brötchen";"";"?";"?";"";"";"";"";"Stück";"10412";".24";"";"";"";"";"0";"Artikel für die Demonstration von Folgeartikel.";"";"";"";"";"";"";"0";"";"1";"";"";"";"";"";"";"";"";"";"";"";"";"";"0";"Brötchen";"";"";"";""
  • Looks like you are trying to use the Dataflow import. It is a quite old module and has some disadvantages, i.e. speed. I would not suggest to use it. – Alex May 22 '13 at 9:42

I did the following steps:

  • convert to utf8
  • remove empty "sku" column
  • rename "artnr" to "sku"
  • set column "type" to "simple" for all rows
  • clear column "image" and "small_image": "?" => ""

And now the import tells me "Processed 100% 11/11 records", "Imported 11 records". All green, all good but the new products are not listed in the catalog.

I guess I am still missing some columns. If that does not help it would be worth a new question.

  • "Processed 100% 11/11 records" would sugest they should now appear in the admin section. Check that first. In your Columns i notice you dont have information filled in for 'store' , this means your products have imported but are not yet assigned to any particular store. Also; After importing products always re-index all your indexes (even if the admin screen suggests they don't need it, do it again anyway., and wait for them to completely finish... – Alistair Nov 16 '14 at 8:40
  • On top of converting to UTF-8... I recommend opening the file in Notepad++ to see if there are any characters that are not standard. – Shay Maor Oct 25 '18 at 20:20

At least for the standard import, the column separator is comma: , - not semicolon.


PI, there is an attribute for products that make the product visible. I do not see it in your mapping, include it and you should be ok

  • I did have visibility but other fields were missing, see my solution. But thanks for your effort! – PiTheNumber Oct 21 '13 at 7:52

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