I have a Romanian translation witch is incomplete. How can i finish it? How to edit that lang file? I tried to open that cvs file but i'm clueless. It is what i have to do or there's other steps in order to finish the translation?


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The translation csv structure is simple.
Each line is like this:

"Key here","Translation here"

In order to have a complete translation of a module file, you should get that file from the en_US locale and translate the second column.
If you already have a partial translation file, just compare the first column of that file with the first column of the en_US locale file. This way you can identify what's missing in your ro_RO locale.
a simple script that parses the 2 csv files should do it.
You can also use this extension. It allows you (among others) to generate the files for a specific locale by parsing the module files and then it can help you identify the untranslated texts.

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