I would like to create a product, that is customizable by weight (for example: loose tea).
The variants of the attribute "weight"(e.g. 100 grams / 500 grams etc.), should show the weight´s actual price and not the additive price as it would be common for configurable products.

Here you will find two examples (I´m sorry, only in German - just choose the Drop Down attribute "Gewicht" on the first page / Radio Buttons on the second):

http://www.krauterie.de/kraeuter-fuer-pferde/gelenke-pferd/spat-arthrose-kraeuter1.html [--Choose Attribute "Gewicht" at Drop Down]

http://www.meine-teemischung.de/tee-blueten-8/kamille-flores-chamomillae-172 [---Radio Buttons!]

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I suggest you need to use custom option which is provide this type of functionality and also can use configurable product but that time you need to customization on UI



Use custom options if:

  • You have a small catalog and are looking for a quick way to create customizable products.

  • You don't need to manage inventory.

  • You have a small catalog and want an easy way to offer product variations.

  • The options are applied after the product is ordered, such as custom embroidery on a tee shirt.

Use a configurable product options if:

  • You manage a large catalog of products with many variations.

  • You want to manage inventory separately for each variation.

  • You want each variation to have its own product page.
  • Dear Amit Bera, many thanks for your quick answer. I created custom options ("weight") for my product as it is shown at your link to the Magento Knowledge-Base. Unfortunately still a base price for the product is needed - my product must get its complete price only from the one attribute´s variant. Example: You offer camomile tea - open the product page in front-end - it still has no final price and gets the price only by selecting the weight/amount you need. I really hope, you can still help me. Many thanks for your efforts in forward. With kind regards, Max W.
    – MagentoMW
    Oct 8, 2014 at 20:23
  • Amit Bera, I have the beginning of a message from you in my inbox, but I can only read the first few words "Magento by default calculate the "Final Price" as Base price + Addon price (custom option). No ab..." and the link does not lead to this message, so please post it again! Please also note the a bit better explained new version of my question: magento.stackexchange.com/questions/38557/… In the first link you can see that it must be possible to create the price without a base price only by one attribute
    – MagentoMW
    Oct 11, 2014 at 15:54

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