In Magento invoices can have 3 states, Paid, Pending Canceled.

Is it possible to add a 4th one, so I can set an invoice "partial paid". This should be visible in the admin grid in Magento.

I already found this module, but this doesnt work like I want in the admin. https://www.indiesinc.com/magento-extensions/partial-payment.html


This is possible with the customization of this extension. If you wish you can have a chat with our technical experts in order to make our extension to work as per your wish.

  • I have a question for your plugin , How can I integrate your partial payment option with citrus pay payment gateway. When i check out it shows full amount ,not the partial amount,For e.g I have product of 1000 at the checkout cart, using your plugin it shows 200 as the paying now and remaining amount as later but when I go to citrus payment gateway there it says 1000,How to make the payment as 200 ,Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks – DAMM108 Mar 1 '15 at 16:54

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