I am building my first Magento plugin that will hook into the event of when an order is placed, and export the order to a third party web service.

Now, rather than creating a separate table to store each order and its export status, I want to use the existing Magento Order table. Is this possible?

Also- I would love to be able to add a button or two to the Magento Administration Order section. Is this possible without modifying core Magento files? I want this to be a plug and play Plugin that doesn't require modification to core files.

If not, I will have to create a new section that the administrator can track the export status of orders.


To add fields to order grid

  1. Create a custom magento module.

  2. Using your module install script to add a field to table sales_flat_order_grid

    in /app/code/local/MagePal/ThirdPartyExporter/sql/thirdpartyexporter_setup/mysql4-install-0.1.0.php

        ALTER TABLE `{$this->getTable('sales/order_grid')}` 
            ADD COLUMN `magepal_internal_order_num` INT NULL;
  3. In your admin layout.xml add

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
        <reference name="sales_order.grid">
            <action method="addColumnAfter">
                <arguments module="sales" translate="header">
                    <header>MagePal #</header>
        <update handle="add_order_grid_column_handle" />
        <update handle="add_order_grid_column_handle" />
  4. To save/update magepal_internal_order_num in sales_flat_order_grid

    In /app/code/local/MagePal/ThirdPartyExporter/Model/Mysql4/Order.php

    public function updateOrderGrid($orderId, $array)
            return false;
        $db = $this->_getWriteAdapter();
            $array, 'entity_id = '. $orderId);
        return true;

    Then in /app/code/local/MagePal/ThirdPartyExporter/Model/Order.php

    public function updateOrderGrid($orderId, $uid)
        return $this->getResource()->updateOrderGrid($orderId, $uid);

    When you want to upgrade the info in sales_flat_order_grid you can now do

    Mage::getModel('thirdpartyexporter/order')->updateOrderGrid($order_id, array('magepal_internal_order_num' => 'your id here'));

You could also rewrite sales_order_grid see http://inchoo.net/ecommerce/magento/how-to-extend-magento-order-grid/


To add a buttons to your order view section

You can either:

  1. Rewrite Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Order_View. See How to add new button to order view in Magento admin panel

  2. Use observer/event. See Order view page print pdf button magento

    Use adminhtml_block_html_before instead of core_block_abstract_to_html_before


    Then in your observer.php

    if ($block->getId() == 'sales_order_view' && $block->getRequest()->getControllerName() == 'sales_order')

    or Assuming that you DO NOT have any other module rewriting Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Order_View block (if you have a module that rewrite that module class name e.g if(get_class($block) =='MagePal_Guest2Customer_Block_Adminhtml_Sales_Order_View'))

    if(get_class($block) =='Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Order_View')

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