I've created a Module with some pages and I'm wondering how do I force this pages to use SSL on the url, like the customer login page. Not all of the pages need it, but some do.

What comes to mind (though I haven't tried it) is to evaluate the url in the action controller and redirect to https:// if SSL is enabled in magento config and the current URL is not using it.

Is this approach correct? Or does this kind of setting go in the configuration file?

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Yes it goes into the configuration file. If you look at core/Mage/Checkout/etc/config.xml you can see how Magento does it for the checkout:


You can configure your own controllers to use the secure URL in the same way.

The name of the tag (<checkout_onepage>) can be anything, as long as it is unique.

The value (/checkout/onepage) must match the beginning of the URLs that should be secure. It's compared with the actual URL, not the route name!


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