What's the best way to display the price of the product & display a price per kilo.

We have added in all the weight in grams so I suppose we could do the following

Price Per Kilo = (product price / weight in grams) * 1000

However wanted to see if there was a native way of doing this or a ready built extension

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In Germany we have a law for this base price. So there is a module which implements this:


Maybe a newer version is on http://de.nr-apps.com/ but the website is not loading in the moment, so only this link.


I have ended up doing the maths in the html

<div class="price-per-kilo">
    <?php echo Mage::helper('core')->currency(number_format(((Mage::helper('tax')->getPrice($_product, $_product->getFinalPrice())) / $_product->getWeight()) * 1000,2),true,true); ?>
    <?php echo $this->__("per kilo")?>

There isn't anything native for this. My recommendation is to develop an extension that either computes it at product load (i.e. product page) or an observer that listens to a product-before-save event and updates it as an attribute.


If you know the price per KG of your products you could add a new attribute to your products.

If you want to calculate this in your code then you can do it easily. In your view.phtml you could do something like this:

    var price = <?php echo ($_product->getPrice()) ?>;
    var weight = <?php echo ($_product->getWeight()) ?>;

Though this doesn't work for every case, here is the simplest way of making it work.

Create a product called 1Kg - Bananas (just an example) this way to add another Kilo all the customer needs to do is add qty.

Would this work for your case

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