Very new to Magento, helping a friend of mine after the developer went AWOL and left unfinished site.

I made a whole bunch of fixes to pages and such, including correcting some URL Rewrites. All was working fine, took System and DB/Media backups and then I decided to attempt an upgrade to the latest version.. . I just upgraded to the latest stable version of all components and now the site is not redirecting to correct website/store for one of the two websites/stores.

OVERVIEW. There are three domains each with their own pages; .hk, .com as well as .ch in Chinese, English and German respectively. For .com and .hk, a language switcher is used which shows english or chinese, this works fine.

PROBLEM. When visiting .ch it redirects to .com and for the life of me I cannot figure what is making a redirect.

Any suggestions? Muchly appreciated!!


Open the backend of the website, go to System > Configuration, and click on Web item in the left menu.

In the top left corner of the content you can see a dropdown called Current Configuration Scope. Change it to the .ch store view, and then open the Unsecure and Secure tabs in the content view, and check the URL there.

  • Thanks Alex for your help! I checked each Configuration, they all have correct extension. For .CH both the Site and Store have .ch domain and the Base Link URL has {{unsecure_base_url}}. This appears to be the same for .com and .hk. Sep 29 '14 at 13:50
  • Another thing which may help you help me.. . Changing .com/contact-us to .ch/contact-us, redirects to the main page on .com. Before the upgrade this went to the equivalent page in relevant language under .ch. Hope this helps! Sep 29 '14 at 14:26

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