I have two custom product attributes. both attribute type is Multiselect. I want a product collection using a filter of both attributes.

I have tried with below solution but it not working.

              array('attribute'=>'configurator_room', 'finset'=>271983),
              array('attribute'=>'configurator_light_location_recommendation', 'finset'=>272001),

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You can try addFieldToFilter, using objectmanager just to test obviously not recomended

    use Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\CollectionFactory;
    $productCollectionFactory = $objectManager->get(CollectionFactory::class);
    $productCollection = $productCollectionFactory->create();
    $attrCode = 'filter_size';
    $collection = $productCollection->addAttributeToSelect('*')->addFieldToFilter(
    'filter_size', ['finset'=>"197"]->addFieldToFilter('manufacturing_parts', ['finset'=>"27"]);

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