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knockout.js:3753 Uncaught ReferenceError: cookieMessagesObservable is not defined
    at if (eval at createBindingsStringEvaluator (knockout.js:3221:28), <anonymous>:3:55)
    at ko.computed.disposeWhenNodeIsRemoved (knockout.js:4820:71)
    at Function.evaluateImmediate_CallReadThenEndDependencyDetection (knockout.js:2331:115)
    at Function.evaluateImmediate_CallReadWithDependencyDetection (knockout.js:2288:41)
    at Function.evaluateImmediate (knockout.js:2253:40)
    at ko.computed.ko.dependentObservable (knockout.js:2085:40)
    at init (knockout.js:4819:32)
    at knockout.js:3730:58
    at Object.ignore (knockout.js:1563:45)
    at knockout.js:3729:60

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@SuSu Dev


You need to set default looma theme.Firstly run all the commands and check, if it shows mini cart it is an issue related to custom theme.

Thank You!

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