We want to delete the Short description through CSV - Import.

We are using below format.

enter image description here

Issue :

But the Short description is not deleting. But if i keep any other text below the short_description, than the value is updating. but i want to delete the existing value instead of replacing.

  • If you want to PN13087 sku short_description blank right? If yes then only you need to pass blank <p></p>. check SS. prnt.sc/LEOd0RBINvC- Commented Jun 7 at 13:24
  • @MohitPatel thankyou, please post it as answer Commented Jun 7 at 13:28

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You can add like as below SS. It will delete short_description from the product.

enter image description here



Mohit answer is correct, but it might impact the frontend layout. Therefore, it's better to insert a blank space in the CSV column. enter image description here

  • thankyou Ahsan. That's Nice idea Commented Jun 8 at 10:06

both the answers are correct. You can also use comments instead of passing any values to the field. By this way, unnecessary space/tags won't be assigned as a value.


<!-- no short desc -->
  • Please format your answer correctly. Use the ` character to show code. Commented 2 days ago
  • Thankyou so much Commented 7 hours ago

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