I take system backup excluding media from Magento 2 Admin. Backup file is created successfully. But when I'm going to download getting below error.

This site can't be reached The web page at https://example.com/index.php/admin/backup/index/downloaditime/1711689844/typ e/nomedia/key/40fdb74a8797282daed44b467d378783d0fb878ddf7328 d0095e3afafe6823a8/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE

I don't have server access. Is there any way to fix issue and download this?

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enter image description here dear, I have also created a backup admin side. backup is excluding media you want too.

if you get an error when you download then go to the var directory in the show backup folder you can download the directory or .tgz file. better understand please check my below screenshot.

enter image description here enter image description here

your project go to var directory you can download. i think that is helpfully. so please accept my answer and upvote me.

  • Hi. I have already written that I don't have server access.
    – m2dev
    Commented Mar 29 at 6:42

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