We sell cleaning chemicals (B2B) and the state requires a VOC tax for each sale, which must be shown separately.

For accounting reasons, we are looking for a more specialised solution. Simply charging a surcharge is not an option.

The VOC taxes are clearly defined (fixed amount) and therefore we have created a separate product for each amount (own SKU, Simple, Not Visible Individually).

Now we want to link the VOC products to the cleaning chemical products:

  • the VOC product must always be added to the basket with the chemical product
  • the VOC product can not be removed from the shopping basket by the customer
  • If the chemical product is removed from the shopping basket, the VOC product is also removed

Does anyone have a good idea how to solve this? Maybe with an extension?

Thank you very much for any help Phil

  • According to specification, you need to create extension from scratch according to the requirements. Commented Mar 28 at 12:27


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