enter image description herewhen we remove any simple product from configurable product that time how we can get remove product ids,i am try with "catalogue_product_save_after" "catalogue_product_save_before" but this thing is not working it will give me same data before product delete data, if i am use only one event <event name="catalogue_product_save_after"> then it will give me correct data

  • Try catalog_product_save_commit_after event. Commented Mar 28 at 8:05
  • i am unable to find out this event name in magneto 2, if this event is exist then how we can compare parent product data before save and after save in magento 2 Commented Mar 28 at 12:28
  • @RAJDIPJALONDHARA can you specify into some more details, what you are trying to do? So we can suggest solution accordingly. Commented Mar 28 at 12:29
  • @DhirenVasoya what i want is when we remove any child(simple) product from the parent(configurable) product that time i want to know which child is remove from that parent product so i can perform different operation on that child product i am also attach screen shot on that my main question so may that will help to to understand my actual question Commented Mar 28 at 13:13

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The Remove Product options which show on your screenshot is comes from this file :


            <a class="action-menu-item" data-bind="
                click: function(){
                    $parent.processingDeleteRecord($record().index, $record().recordId);
                text: $t('Remove Product')

Now, when you debug this code, then found to remove that record from that grid this call

$parent.processingDeleteRecord($record().index, $record().recordId);

And processingDeleteRecord function is available into this file.


processingDeleteRecord: function (index, recordId) {
            this.deleteRecord(index, recordId);

So for your requirement, you need to override this file :


into your custom extension and do the another action into that processingDeleteRecord function.

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