have changed the Base Link Url(base link url) ( not the base url) . Now my site is not accessible except for the home page. How to solve this ? . This option is not visible in core_config_data table too.

I am using magento 1.9

I changed it

system -> web -> unsecured -> base link url .

Now I am not able to access anything in my site. as am getting two index.php in the url.


You need to have access to your database (command line or phpmyadmin)

Select * from core_config_data where value like 'http%';

You will be able to find your urls. Make note of your config_id's

You can now up date the URLs you need

Update core_config_data set value = 'http://www.domain.com/' where config_id in (list your id's here);



You need to check base link of site.

select * from core_config_data where path  like '%base_link_url%'

If it not proper then you need to change base link.

update  core_config_data set value ='http://yousiteurl' where path  like '%base_link_url%'

As for index.php check Apache mod_rewrite enable and check magento seo engine is enable or not.if it not enable then you need to enables

 update  core_config_data set value =1 where path  like '%use_rewrite%'

Its very simple,

goto your phpmyadmin,

select your database,

find table core_config_data,

then select this table,

and find web_unsecure_url and web_secure_url . for both paste your site url with / at last.


ummm - all good advice IF the O.P. had not said that he needs to edit base LINK url - which is NOT in core_config_data...

I have the same issue - even though i can manually edit the path to remove the second 'index.php/' entry - which gets me to the admin panel page to edit the base link url entry (removing the index.php from the entry - i can't save the configuration, since it fails and redirects to 404 (because it tries to save to a path including ... index.php/inex.php/... - so i guess that the O.P. has (had)the same problem ... i need to edit the base LINK url outside of magento

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