In Magento version 2.4.4-p2, I have 13,750 products. I've created a dropdown attribute with four values, which is the required attributes. After assigning attribute data to the products, it is displaying correctly on the frontend.

However, when I try to search for a specific string using the keyword search feature in the Admin Panel Grid under Catalog > Product, I got a 504 error.

 SELECT `e`.* FROM `catalog_product_entity` AS `e` WHERE (`e`.`entity_id` IN(SELECT `catalog_product_entity`.`entity_id` FROM `catalog_product_entity` WHERE (`sku` LIKE '%oil%') UNION ALL SELECT `t1`.`entity_id` FROM `catalog_product_entity_varchar` AS `t1` LEFT JOIN `catalog_product_entity_varchar` AS `t2` ON t1.entity_id = t2.entity_id AND t1.attribute_id = t2.attribute_id WHERE (t1.attribute_id IN (73, 121)) AND (t1.store_id = 0) AND (IFNULL(t2.value, t1.value) LIKE '%oil%') 
UNION ALL SELECT * FROM (SELECT `catalog_product_entity_int`.`entity_id` FROM `catalog_product_entity_int` WHERE ((attribute_id=152 AND store_id=0 AND value = '821') OR (attribute_id=387 AND store_id=1 AND value = '5032'))) AS inoptionsql))

When review the logs, found the above query. Please suggest what was the issue and I can resolve this.

Magento2: Search by Keyword in logic update for Grid


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