I have been using Magento for about 7 years and am pretty familiar with the platform.

I recently added a new website to my installation that requires general VAT calculations.

Here is the issue:

  • Country A: 20% VAT tax (Country for Default Tax Destination Calculation (Magento setting)

  • Country B: 25% VAT tax

  • Product price is €9.95 (including VAT tax). The product price shows up correctly on the product page.

  • Product price shows correctly if Country A is selected during checkout

Price Including VAT: €9.95, Price Excluding VAT: €9.29, VAT: €1.66

  • When country B is selected during checkout, the price, including taxes, changes!:

Price including VAT: €10.36, Price excluding VAT €8.29, VAT: €2.07

ISSUE: The price, including VAT, should not change when selecting Country B during checkout!!!

Any idea how to resolve this?

Thanks for any help!


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