We are getting orders from Magento that feeds into our Enfocus Switch computer. I have an order that has given the error:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <message>Internal Error. Details are available in Magento log file. Report ID: webapi-65d79324a87f6</message>

I do not have access to the underlying OS, only the Magento web interface. I have been through the menus but don't see how to access the log file.

Is it possible to view this logfile using only the web interface?

  • Hi @Shawn, Which magento version you are using? Commented Feb 23 at 6:37

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You can use the following extension to view the logs in the backend:


Note: The community version is free for the above extension. You only need to choose the open-source option in the Edition dropdown on the URL above.

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